Monday, March 19, 2012

a punchers chance: thoughts on boxing

You know it can be one of the most deadly weapons of combat and so simple a baby does it.
The punch. Today I honestly don't have time to cover all hand techniques even the whole sport of boxing but I have a couple thoughts.
Boxing started as a greek event being a fight to the death on many occaisions so I count it as a Martial art.
originally gloves were used as metallic weapons.

In medeival Europe the discipline developed using techniques acquired from fencing.
The leading hand would be a sensor anticipating the first blow and respond with a jab.

a really good resource I found was on under the channel kilogulf59
It appears to be mostly dedicated to close quarters combat. but if you search for "bare knuck boxing" maybe ad "strategy" and it should come up.
This focuses on the boxing style of the 1800's what about the rules of the game that made this style so drastically different from the modernday sport?

Rules that change the outcome came in the form of round limits, gloves, even smal novelties such as vaseline. These would play in the role of changing the sport. Also, the old style of boxing was originally designed for street fighting. For instance the hands are lower in anticipation of kicks or a weapon.
Also in striking the top of the head can wound the hands. So the offense will naturally be aimed lower.

Now boxing has advantages over other training methods. The heavy contact leads to a high emphases on conditioning. Also it prepares a fighter for the scenario of fighting injured. Not to mention how to take an opponent down systematically and what combinations are most effective.
One blow that is somewhat unique to boxing is the uppercut. You really don't see much use in other arts except for maybe kick boxing, mma or possible football. (at least the way I played! ;) )
I think because of the emphases on planting your feet. It is limited in it's ability to adapt defesively. yet it is so effective offensive it really does make up for that.
They are the best in the world at bobbing and weaving. A lot of times in fight the emphases is on the block. However dodgeing a blow eliminates all injury.
Obviously boxing can be a much longer topic that i can give justice to. But in summary boxing is very valuable in working on hand strikes and conditioning through a fight. The limitations are obvious with the lack grappling and kicks. I encourage people to study bare knuckle more.
But you always stand the puncher's chance!