Monday, August 13, 2012

My MMA sport: how I would make it.

Would I would want in this martial art sport is a chance for the martial artist to be not only creative but also a challenge to show their total skills on display.

half cage:As I will state below I do beleive we do not need to be limited by a full cage. But there has to be a scenarion where one can be trapped at some point.

platform drop:
In a real life situation the fact of a fall may make or break the scenario. what if you fall a distance? What if you fall on a very hard surface?

sumo start: In a fighting situation most of the time we do not start off with a great deal of space. What can psychologically prepare us for such an instant collision? This is essentially where the nature of the sucker punch comes from.

basic weapons:The big challenge hear would be whether this can be accomplished by non-lethal means. If it is actually going to kill people i wouldn't have it.
I am thinking about the following.
1. a bow(rubber padded)
2. a stick (rubber padded)
3. a rope/scarf
4. a spike (wood/rubber)
basically it is added a little bit of weight to make it more formidable than a small stick.
5. a shield (wood/plastic)

2 would be suspended over the cage. perhaps some form of lottery to determine which

stump: Or padded stool. This gives more creative scenarios in the fight.

uniforms: sambo ghee, lighter gloves (lighter than UFC). This will enable competitors with better grips for better slams. I want the gloves lighter to give them more variation with their strikes.

knock out: referee does a standing 8 count if free from the body. The referee may also check for signs of unconsciousness, also mangers may throw in the towel.
tap out: obviously this would be a tap of the hand or saying a phrase like "I give up!"
toss out: If one gets tossed off of the platform. the thrower must be able to stay on the platform simultaneously
DQ/throws the towel. If an opponent is disqualified or breaks the rules. or if the manager throws in the towel.

no rounds.

weight class competition would be available but also there will be an all weights division

judgeing is optional.
if so judges will be taking scor independently
a. striker judge
b. submission judge
c. position judge

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MMA is it Ultimate?

Now in recent years the sports of mix martial arts have developed and there has been a lot of gain in the martial arts community.
Although the sport known as UFC has had a title that has caused some confusion. There has been some recent rememdy by emphasizing the title MMA or mixed martial arts over "ultimate fighting"

why it is not.
Ultimate fighting claims to integrate all martial arts. So wouldn't that make it ultimate?

one on one: MMA is designed as a sport and not for the streets. If you get in the guard and are in a two on one situation, you are in deep trouble. your arms and legs are trapped and a second opponent can pummel you to death.

no weapons: guns are always an obvious issue. only the best martial artist will handle guns from a short distance and we are forever vulnerable from long distance. Also mma doesn't train you to use a weapon. knives are more deadly in a grappling situation. if your opponent hides a blade, you are as good as dead.

Rounds and judges: The problems are obvious. In Real life you won't necessarily have a bell, to call time out. Also gives fighters the excuse not to learn escapes.

growing list of rules. You can't kick someone while they are down. You can't even headbutt!

Over time mma has turned more into a sport with less a chance to experiment with vastly different fighting styles. Today we can make a style made purely out of illegal holds in UFC. It is only jujitsus plus kick boxing.

Early on we had more of an ideal, but the only style really prepared for it was brazillian jujitsu. Now we have lost what could have been.
This does raise a question
What is the Ultimate ideal fighting?
That I will blog about later!