Monday, May 14, 2012

Thoughts on wrestling and clothing

One issue that has fascinated me this last year in my martial art studies is clothing.

We see this most implemented in the sport of judo. In this grappling art the Judo practioner has an extra thick, extra strong Ghee uniform for grappling and throwing.

As a wrestler I started off with the mentality to shy away from any extra appendages.

Yet more often than not in a real altercation clothes are involved.
now cloth may be weak and useless but it may also be useful for the purpose of strangling. If loose you may use your own as a weapon.(Indian martial arts have mastered this in the use of a scarf) And finally judo and on a smaller level sumo have mastered grabbing clothes as an anchor for a slam.(other styles of wrestling do this as well including the korean yudo and the mongolian boke. look around for ancient styles of wrestling, they would likely include a uniform.)

The reason you find greater slams in judo as compared to wrestling is because of this fact. A good grip can give you that leaverages need to send your opponent flying. in fact the better the slam in real life the quicker the fight could end.

Researching I found that cornish style wrestling is really amazing in this respect. wearing a medieval blouse the wrestlers slowly tug at the clothe until they achieve WWE style body slams!

I still think it is better(and less expensive! to grapple without clothes and master that first. But every advantage on the street is needed and it just can't hurt to improve your arsenal!