Friday, July 6, 2012

Sumo of my thoughts

I have been really thinking a lot of the art of sumo wrestling in recent times.
It was at one time more deadly than UFC where champions would fight to the death. Though now-a-days appears as an incomplete sport, much less a martial art.

pagan origins
Sumo like the many martial arts has a religious aspect to it. For instance the salt is a ritualt that emphasizes the white magic of cleansing the ring. As a christian i have to be on guard for deceptive spirits. God has already cleansed my temple and I do not need another spirit prevalent. This is one reason i am glad they are now practicing non-traditonal sumo.

stare down
On element in sumo wrestling that is not quite as prominent as in other sports is the stare down. Because the start of the match is agreed upon there could be minutes of time devoted to this action. While this psychological technique is not universal there are a lot of real life fights that involve psychology and the ability to intimidate an opponent.
In many instances, this could mean everything. I have a lot of experience with this in step can determine the difference of a knock down or being knocked down. It is all about timing and momentum.
In a street fight this principle applies with the "sucker punch". If you distract the person you have a split second where you can strike them unprotected.
This principle is undeveloped in the sports of Kick boxing and mma. after all the start is agreed to. Also there is space to put up your guard.

drop: The end of the sumo fight is significant for street fighting as well. it is with a fall. Now certainly many people can take a fall. However, on the streets a surface may not be easy to land on. what if the tumble is several feet? what if the surface is concrete? So here again we see an advantage in the sumo style.

girth and muscle: martial artists tend to emphasize a softer style, trying not to exert a great deal of energy. But sometimes we need to be prepared to engaged in the hard style of combat. In a street fight situation the element of surprise destroys our ability to concentrate. softstyles are honestly based in the use of concentration. I have seen many sports bouts with aikido practioners for instance where they either loose or become extremely sloppy because all of their skills were based off of their concentration.

pushing: a lot of times little is said outside of wrestling on the issue movement.many in the grappling world enamored with submissions have also left an understanding. when standing your balanace and position effect everything you do. a good shove can easily destablilize your opponent. So why not go for it?

so these are benefits to look for when researching ths sacred sport God bless :)